Friday, May 07, 2004

Annual Perennial Garden Party
Tomorrow is my annual perennial garden party. At the break of day, about 25 women are bringing starts from their garden and sharing with each other. They are also providing a bountiful breakfast feast. All I have to do is clean my house, garden and garage (in case of rain).

My husband wonders why I entertain because I go into a frenzy (thereby throwing the household into a frenzy) getting ready. He doesn't understand that such events force me to wash the windows, clean the door sills and all those things that get overlooked in my regular housekeeping routine.

And I love this garden party. I invite friends from church, from book club, from Group (I really should share about Group), from former jobs, from family, and lifelong friends. And I encourage them to invite their friends and family. We all share a passion for plants, and it's fun watching these bright, interesting beautiful women connect with flowers as the icebreaker.

Another joy is the young women who come to get plants for their first gardens and then getting updates from them as the years pass. They are the most enthusiastic because the wonder of gardening is still fresh.

Well, off to untangle the cords under the PC (as if someone will look or even care tomorrow.)

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