Monday, May 24, 2004

Farewell Middle School
This is the last week of middle school for my boys. They are off to the Freshman Campus of the high school next fall. When I was in school (and the earth's crust was cool not warm then) most of my classmates were given 8th grade graduation parties with nice watches or pens to commemorate the accomplishment. I can't believe I have a foot in a world that celebrated 8 years of education and the other foot in a world that expects college or even graduate school. My parents, by the way, had both of their feet in the college expectation world.

The principal and assistant principal were chatting with me the other day about my boys' middle school exploits. One said, "There are certain kids you never forget, and I will always remember these boys." But then he added, "That can be good or bad." He assured me it was good.

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