Thursday, May 27, 2004

Feathered Friends
Yesterday I watched a meadowlark outside the window. At first I thought it was a goldfinch because of the bright yellow, but it was much much too big for a finch. Steve also saw it recently in the same area, so perhaps it has made a nest nearby. Today we discovered that a sparrow made a nest and laid one egg on the top of the tool chest in the garage. Now what do we do? Usually we close the door unless we are working around the yard. I guess we will have to leave it open long enough for mama to feed the baby when it hatches. I thought I saw a hummingbird in the flower garden, but it turned out to be a hummingbird moth.

UPDATE: I just walked outside in time to see a male and a female redwing blackbird chase a blue heron out of the pond where their nest is.

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